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Vote of Confidence (unlimited)

  • $10 - Thank You
  • $25 - 4x6 Postcard of the Indy One
  • $50 - 4x6 Postcard of the Indy One signed by Jack

Reserve a Discount (unlimited)

  • $100 - $300 discount on production car
  • $250 - $750 discount on production car
  • $500 - $1,500 discount on production car

Early Adopter

Limited to 24 backers
  • $3,000 - (4 available)
  • $4,000 - (8 available)
  • $5,000 - (8 available)

Early Adopter Driver

Limited to 8 backers
  • $9,500 - (7 available)

Be a Hero

Limited to 8 backers
Get one of 8 carbon-fiber cars
  • $40,000 - (8 available)

Backer Support

In this first phase of production, we will only be building a maximum of 32 cars for testing by the early adopters. Early Adopters must reside in the USA.

I anticipate we will be able to sell the Indy One Kit for $6,000 once we can start producing the kits in the second phase of development.

You can reserve one of the production cars now by purchasing a discount on the price when it is released. The early adopters as well as the discounts can be transfered to another party. So even if you don't think you want a car, you can still support the effort and possibly make a profit by selling the discount to another person.

We only allow you to become a backer in only ONE of each category. We don't some financial genius trying to use his money to squash this car by buying up rewards and sitting on them.

There are no refunds on the funding provided.
We have no hard deadline on reaching our $50,000 goal. However, we will not be spending any money received until the goal is reached. If the goal is not achieved, we may change plans and use the smaller amount, or we could attempt to return the funds, but there is no guarantee.

Once the goal has been reached, we will begin using the funds immediately. The crowdfunding campaign may be discontinued at any time after we have reached our goal! So act now to make sure you are part of the Indy One story.

The Indy One is a Kit and Not a Car

The Indy One is a 'kit car' and is only part of a complete car. You will need to use parts from a Toyota Prius, a 2001 to 2009 model. You will also need a battery pack, which can be the most expensive thing. And if you don't assemble the car yourself, you will need to hire someone to build it for you. I anticipate a total cost of under $10,000, but certainly under $15,000.

I should also mention that an Indy One is not actually a car. In most all states, a 3-wheeled vehicle is registered as a motorcycle. This is another source of Independence...from Big Government Car Regulations. In almost all states you don't need a helmet or motorcycle license to drive it. In California, it qualifies to be used in the commuter lanes with a single person.

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