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Making Molds

An inexpensive mold can be made using by using only a thin layer of fiberglass. It must be used immediately to make parts. It will begins to warp and become useless soon after it has been made, but works well for 'one-off' builds, which is the plan to make at least one additional body for further development before making any production molds. A production mold is made of very thick material and uses steel reinforcements so it maintains its shape over a long period of time.

Prius Drivetrain

I spent some time working to replace the gas engine in a Prius with a third electric motor to make it all electric. This proved to be very difficult. It is much easier to control the inverter directly. This works because the Indy One is such a light car, it does not need the additional power from the gas motor and can use only the single main electric motor in the Prius transaxle. Once the new body has been made, it will have the mounting points for the Prius drivetrain, and a complete Indy One prototype will be built.

Automotive X-Prize

In 2007 I began building the Indy One to compete in the Automotive X-Prize. This was an exciting time, and many people were building some innovative cars. The rules also did not allow a single person vehicle. Some participants were spending millions to build cars, so I declined to participate and the project was set aside. After all these years, none of these cars including the winners of the $10 million dollar prize have plans to go into production. So after waiting for years, everyone else has failed to deliver on the promise.

Datsun 240Z and Geo Metro

The original car used the suspension and transmission from a 1989 Geo Metro, which is a small and light car. I built a custom steel frame, and used a Suzuki motorcycle rear wheel and suspension. The electric motor was from a forklift, and I created my own motor controller.

The car started out as a 1971 Datsun 240Z. The Z car was completely chopped up, leaving just the two body halves. You can see the body almost finished being stripped down, the pile of metal in the background shows just how much work was involved.

Ready For Combat

Completing the Bodywork

Chassis Complete and Driveable

All the Parts in a Mockup

Not Much Left of the 240Z
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